• Tersan Shipyard

    Tersan Shipyard has been awarded fourth time in a row since 2013 as the export leader of Turkey in the new ship building sector. Tersan Shipyard built a wide range of nisch, highly efficient ships with lasting quality.

  • Two zero-emission ferries delivered to Fjord1

    Fjord1, leading player in the consolidated Norwegian ferry market, has taken the deliveries of two pcs of 100% battery-powered ferries. The ferries will operate in Anda-Lote route which is the eight busiest ferry crossing in Norway. During a limited stay of about nine minutes they will charge their batteries at both ports with high voltage.

  • Second LNG Powered Vessel to NSK

    Tersan Shipyard has delivered Nyksund, the state-of-the-art fish pellet cargo vessel, to NSK Shipping AS in November 2017. The vessel is designed by NSK Ship Design AS and is driven by a 2160 kW single fuel LNG main engine. Environmentally friendly vessel is installed with a 50T SWL deck crane and efficient cargo unloading elevator systems.

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