Tersan has launched NB1088 , LNG Powered Live Fish Carrier which is under construction for Nordlaks , Norway . 

The vessel which to be named Bjorg Pauline, is the biggest live fish carrier vessel that Tersan Shipyard has built so far. The 84 meters long and 19 meters wide vessel is also unique with her propulsion system among her technologically advanced fish handling systems. With her two deck tanks and four pieces of fuel conditioning systems, Bjorg Pauline is a significant and fully redundant LNG powered vessel thanks to its very innovative design. 

Designed by NSK Ship Design and built under supervision of DNVGL, this live fish carrier will be one of the most efficient and most advanced vessel of its type. The second LNG Live Fish Carrier of the series is also under construction at Tersan Shipyard and planned to be launched in 2020.